My History With Smoothies

Hi Guys! My name is Isaac and a self-confessed smoothie addict for the past few years. I first dabbled in smoothies after reading a post in the internet on the benefits of smoothies. At that point of time, I am fighting with my acne problem and know fruits and vegetables are one of the natural foods that can help with acne. I really would like to increase my fruits and vegetables intake but found that I don’t have enough time to do so. Then I read the post on smoothies and thought that this is the answer to it. I drink smoothies once every two or three days (I’m still very busy) but it is a major improvement. What was a way to combat acne and get some nutritious fibers in my diet, suddenly snowball to be an affection. I just fell in love with its deliciousness, ease of preparation, and soooo much nutrition.


Moving on to this site…

This is where I blog on the benefits of smoothies (or juices, for some of you that don’t like the fiber… but I am always a fiber guy so smoothie all the way for me =), recipes, tips and tricks and some reviews of blenders and juicers.

I hope you guys enjoy reading my site. Please drop your comments and opinions on my posts. I really would love to hear what you think on my posts in this site.