1. I like this blender and the way you have mentioned the features I think it is perfect for me, I really liked the fact that it comes with a three years warranty.
    What is the size of the glass pitcher?
    And does the company come with various sizes of pitchers?

    1. Author

      Hi Shrey! Thank you for reading and I’m glad you like it.

      The glass pitcher has a capacity of 6 cups or 48 oz. There is only one pitcher size though you can always use the personal cup (24 oz) that comes with it to make your smoothie too.

      If you have any other questions, you are most welcomed to ask it here. Cheers =)

  2. This is an incredible blender. I purchased mine from target. It has fueled through intense greens like kale and Swiss chard, (with stems), and in addition solidified natural product, nuts and seeds. It additionally makes wonderful salsa and nut spreads. I likewise claim a Vitamix however needed to make tracks in an opposite direction from the plastic compartment. In spite of the fact that these 2 blenders are not in the same power/engine classification, the Oster Pro is very noteworthy in what it can do. I adore the switching sharp edge activity with the smoothie and salsa capacities. It truly keeps things moving without stopping the blender to redistribute everything. What truly sold me on this blender was the point at which I made almond spread in it. In the wake of making it in both my Vitamix and nourishment processor, both of which carry out the employment however turn out to be extremely hot amid the mixing which I don’t need in a plastic vessel. It can likewise be fairly tedious because of the thickness of the margarine. This Oster took just 10 minutes all the way including the occasional stop to rub down the pitcher. My almond margarine was smooth, luxurious and spreadable without being warmed up from the rubbing of the cutting edges. I discovered utilizing the medium mix setting to work impeccably for this. I was mooched to need to supplant my Vitamix since the organization doesn’t have all the earmarks of being in any rush to offer an option compartment to the plastic, in spite of the numerous solicitations from their clients. I considered the Waring all stainless steel compartment that fits the Vitamix base, however it has its own issues: 1. It’s costly! $300. 2. It has PTFE (Teflon) chips that filter out from under the sharp edge get together and into your sustenance. In any case, this Oster is addressing my needs to say the very least. I likewise adore that new parts are effectively open and cheap. The glass compartment is thick and tough and, dissimilar to plastic, it tidies up wonderfully and effectively. Not any more collected smells and stains, in spite of the majority of my scouring, splashing and flushing! Furthermore, one minor thing….it fits under my cupboards completely gathered. In conclusion, I too had the issue with it moving over the ledge when on fast. As it turned out, I was missing one of the little elastic feet on the base. I called the Oster organization and they sent me a substitution that was conveyed via mail 4 days after the fact. Issue comprehended! Awesome client benefit! Very prescribed!

    1. Author

      Hi Carlton! It’s very nice to hear your great feedback on the Oster Pro 1200 blender. I truly agree with you. This blender is one of the best if what we are looking is a blender for home use. And the best part is that it is not very expensive! Your experience with Oster’s customer support is a very useful information for those still considering to buy the blender. Many thanks Carlton!

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