I believe all parents have gone through this – how to make your kids eat vegetables and fruits? You’ve tried to coax them, bribe them with candies, ask them to finish their veges before dessert of ice cream etc. etc. and it just don’t really work. Fruits and vegetables are about the most important fruits your little ones. Some rule of thumb is to give 2 cups of fruits and vegetables each to kids from 4 to 8 years old, 3 cups of fruits and vegetables each for kids from 8 to 14 years old and 4 cups of fruits and vegetables each for kidsRead More →

Non-Dairy Protein Supplements

I’ve recently blogged about How To Make A Protein Smoothie and touched on the subject of how I’ve shunned on dairy protein supplements (whey and casein). I’ve felt compelled to write on this to provide further explanations on the side effects of dairy protein supplements and what are the alternatives for us to use. Dairy are great and all, but for some people, it will have more disadvantages than its benefits. History Of Protein Supplements Protein powder supplements has been hugely popular throughout the world. It is used in sports, where athletes usually take them to help in gaining muscles and speed up muscle recovery,Read More →