1. Isaac thanks, fo sharing. I like making smoothies and my favorite one includes green leafy vegetables and I agree with you, they are easy to digest and just super when combined with a ripe banana. Informative article. I will return to your site.

  2. Hi Isaac! Awesome tips! I always eat stir-fry veggies or make them into salad but I have never tried making vegetable smoothies before. Fruit smoothies are something that I normally have so having vegetable smoothies would be something different. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Vivian! Thanks for dropping by again. Though they will not taste as good as fruits, vegetable are hugely packed with vitamins and minerals. If we look at the numbers, leafy green vegetables has more vitamins and nutrients per gram versus most fruits out there. And this while having almost no calorie, making it the most nutrient dense food in our planet.

      Speaking of fruits, I’ve just recently posted an article about some of the best fruits that has the most energy and are great addition to a green smoothie. Thanks for coming to my site Vivian and hope you like the green smoothie =)

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